Winning Tactics for PUBG

Tencent studio is a very popular company for the best games.  It is the only survival game available for the mobiles and pc. The name of the game is PUBG, graphics and gameplay make it impressive. Always try to learn tips and tricks by watching the tutorials and guides. You can also use the game to improve the surviving skills. Here I am explaining to you some essential PUBG Mobile Hack to play the game.

Type of Weapons

While playing the game you will get many chances to collect the weapons, but it is hard to decide the right weapon for the new players. It is important for you to get more knowledge about these weapons. There are many weapons available in the game to increase your skills and performance.

  • Pistol s – it is the type of head gun, and it works for beginners because pistols don’t have the power to damage more. On the other hand, it is good to have a pistol to bit the enemies in place of nothing.
  • Machine guns – it is an only gun available in the game, which can kill your opponent faster. You can also use it in big battles also, but you can’t use it for a long time.
  • Rifles – if you want to kill the opponent in a single shot, then try to use rifles once. You can find many types of rifles in the game, and every gun has different power, so choose by your need.
  • Shotguns – You have to face the issue of ammo if you want to use it. It is the best gun to shot the target from near range.

You face this situation many of time in the game.  When only two players remain in the last moment, and then the area of safe zone shrinks more.  In that situation you don’t have many places to hide, so you have to face your opponent.  You should always use the headphones while playing the game because with it you can hear the footsteps and sound of gunshots easily. Use your best gun in these situations and try to hit from the behind to the opponent.

By using these entire tricks, you can improve your performance in the game easily.