Winning Tactics for PUBG

Tencent studio is a very popular company for the best games.  It is the only survival game available for the mobiles and pc. The name of the game is PUBG, graphics and gameplay make it impressive. Always try to learn tips and tricks by watching the tutorials and guides. You can also use the game to improve the surviving skills. Here I am explaining to you some essential PUBG Mobile Hack to play the game.

Type of Weapons

While playing the game you will get many chances to collect the weapons, but it is hard to decide the right weapon for the new players. It is important for you to get more knowledge about these weapons. There are many weapons available in the game to increase your skills and performance.

  • Pistol s – it is the type of head gun, and it works for beginners because pistols don’t have the power to damage more. On the other hand, it is good to have a pistol to bit the enemies in place of nothing.
  • Machine guns – it is an only gun available in the game, which can kill your opponent faster. You can also use it in big battles also, but you can’t use it for a long time.
  • Rifles – if you want to kill the opponent in a single shot, then try to use rifles once. You can find many types of rifles in the game, and every gun has different power, so choose by your need.
  • Shotguns – You have to face the issue of ammo if you want to use it. It is the best gun to shot the target from near range.

You face this situation many of time in the game.  When only two players remain in the last moment, and then the area of safe zone shrinks more.  In that situation you don’t have many places to hide, so you have to face your opponent.  You should always use the headphones while playing the game because with it you can hear the footsteps and sound of gunshots easily. Use your best gun in these situations and try to hit from the behind to the opponent.

By using these entire tricks, you can improve your performance in the game easily.

Dawn Of Titans – Check Out Impressive Details Here!

Dawn Of Titans – Check Out Impressive Details Here!

Are you excited to play Dawn Of Titans? If yes then you just need to download the game which is absolutely free. After downloading the game, you can play it instantly with your friends or the players from all over the world. The game is all about base management and also about building up the city and constructing different buildings and also to upgrade it. This is also a strategy based game so you should make some strategies before going to play it. In addition to this, there are lots of other tasks that players should complete in order to earn resources and also to enjoy the awesome gameplay of the game. If we talk about the different buildings of the city then castle is the most important building on which you should focus more. Players also need to use some good strategies to crack the mystery of the game.

Finest detail about the game

There are lots of interesting gameplay elements present in the game that you can enjoy by playing the game. The game features allow you to construct different buildings and also to build up their own army to take part in battles. They also need to upgrade different buildings in order to level up quickly. The castle is playing an important role and player should upgrade it time to time to get lots of benefits in the game. With the help of upgrading it, players can unlock new buildings which result in more production of new units and spells. The players who want the biggest city and strong army should pay attention to the castle and this will help them to lead to the way to success in the game. Well, there are many other things which players should always keep in their brain while competing on the battlefield.

Interesting features

Are you crazy to know about the gameplay? Well, there are many beginners who want to know more about the gameplay of this game in order to enhance their knowledge and also to perform in a better way. If you are one of them then there are lots of gameplay elements present and you should understand them carefully to improve your performance. There are thousands of missions present in which you can take part to complete them. By completing these missions, players can enjoy the game and also able to acquire more resources. Moreover, there are many quests present which players should complete in order to get resources to make their task easier. With the help of adequate amount of resources, players can easily make the upgrades and also improve their skills in the game.

All about resources

The most important thing which everyone should know is that earning resources is the main aspect of every game. If we talk about this game then there are lots of in-game resources that players should understand. They should know the importance of each and every resource and with the help of this, they can easily earn and spend it. Food is the essential resource for this game that players have to earn to play the different stages of the game with ease. This important resource is required for the sustainability of the kingdom. Players can gather food effortlessly in lots of ways but they should choose the right method that can help them to acquire funds quickly. Players can easily acquire food with the help of raiding other players and also by many other ways.

In addition to this, there are many other resources that players should earn in order to compete in the game for a long time. Gold is the main currency of this which is also treated as the medium of exchange. Players can acquire gold by mining from the gold mines and also by completing quests and different campaign missions.

Few tips and tricks 

Players of this game should pay proper attention to the gameplay and the important aspects of the game. They should always try to earn more resources to play the game without having any tribulations or to struggle with any kind of issue related to the shortage of currencies.  with the help of this, it becomes easy for them to make progress in the game by getting Dawn Of Titans Cheats it is fanpage.

Important Tips And Tricks Related To Simcity Buildit

Important Tips And Tricks Related To Simcity Buildit

If you are struggling with stress and daily life burden then you should try to get out of instantly which is not easy. Playing games can help you to get rid of stress and also to have fun. Players who want to play a most popular mobile game then there is nothing much better than Simcity Buildit. This game is developed by the well-known game developer electronic arts. The developers of the game added lots of interesting features to the game for the convenience of the players. There are millions of players who are playing this game and also enjoying its various gameplay elements. Players should always make some strategies to play this game and this can help them to perform in an effective manner.

Let’s know basic information about the game

You may all know about the fact that this is a city building game that allows the players to become a mayor of the city and also to control over all the tasks related to construction and upgrades. Every player wants to make their city beautiful which is not simple. They should always design the layout in a perfect manner and to place various buildings. You can construct lots of residences in the city as according to the material available. You can collect the material in the game from specific sources and you can check out the detailed information in the online guides that are provided by the experienced players. Players should also construct the roads in their city to connect everything and also for the convenience of the citizens. They should also take care of all the needs and demands of their citizens to make them happy.

All about currencies

Everyone knows that currencies are playing an important role in every game. In this game, there are two currencies present which can be used for the different purposes. Players can also earn them in numerous ways. They should always make efforts to collect enough currencies otherwise they can’t enjoy the different features of the game. Simoleons are the primary currency which you can also collect from citizens in the form of taxes. You can also earn it as rewards after constructing and upgrading different buildings. With the help of this currency, you can buy stuff and also trade with other players in the game. You can also connect your game account with Facebook or other accounts in order to save the progress. With the help of this, you can also visit the cities of your friends or other players and it will also help you to earn plenty of rewards and bonuses.

Apart from this, simcash is also the second currency of the game that you can earn after completing various achievements in the game. Players can also acquire these currencies by spending their real-life money or using some effective tools which are present on the internet. By using a right tool, players can easily load their wallet or account with the desired amount of currencies.